From There to Here

As a non-journaling scrapbooker, I find that transition pages help me tell the story of a trip.  I don’t always remember to take pictures during the travel time and sometimes the trips are short or uneventful, but when I do, I’m always happy to include them as part of my scrapbook.  It’s a seamless transition from one city to the next and serves as an introduction to the following pages.

Ryan and I traveled by train from each city to the next on our first overseas trip together.  Each leg took about 6 hours and the journeys began early in the morning (all before 7).  Like us, you may be spending quite a bit of time traveling from city to city, so why not memorialize it?  The saddness of the goodbye, the anticipation of the next city, and the excitement upon finally arriving are all priceless memories to keep in your scrapbook.

As I mentioned above, if I have the pictures, I like to use the travel between cities as a transition from one section of my scrapbook to the next.  These are some of the easiest pages for me to create; I keep them fairly simple since they are just my “in between” pages.  Below I’ve included my transportation pages from our Italy and France trip in 2009.  Please excuse my first attempt at scanning my pages (unfortunately the machine cut off a bit from the bottom) and enjoy!

1. Arrivederci Venice, Ciao Cinque Terre.  The titles on each side were the most time consuming part of the page.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the squares (both the blue outer squares and the tan inner squares), so that saved me from doing too much manual labor.  The early morning shot of the Grand Canal is one of my favorites from Venice – I’m glad we took a few minutes to snap some pictures and say goodbye to our first stop in Italy. Venice to Vernazza, Italy, Scrapbook

2. Leaving Vernazza & Arriving Nice.  This page was the easiest of the three.  A simple border around each picture was enough because I chose detailed vellum paper as the background for each side (although it’s hard to tell in the scanned pages).  I love the juxtaposition of peaceful and slow Vernazza with the high-tech train station in Nice.  It was a whole different world, located on a different part of the Mediterranean Sea.Vernazza to Nice, Italy, France, Scrapbook

3. The high-speed train from Nice to Paris.  I like to use anything other than pictures when possible to mix up the pages.  I try to save all tickets, receipts, business cards, etc. in case they work with a scrapbooking page (or help me remember something when I’m wrapping up my journal).  I love this spread because the paper I found was perfect – the background for the Nice side is a map of France and the background of the Paris side has a repeating pattern of the Eiffel Tower and a fleur-de-lis.  However, my favorite part is the repeating “Paris” title.

Nice to Paris, France, Scrapbook

Next time you’re traveling in between stops on your trip, don’t forget to take some pictures and save tickets or other memorabilia to document the transitions.  Not only is it fun to memorialize your last and first moments of a city, but the pages serve as the perfect segue to the next destination!

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